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    Exclamation For Horror fans: Two different versions of "An American Haunting" to be released

    From Scifiwire

    Courtney Solomon, director of of the upcoming supernatural film An American Haunting, told SCI FI Wire that the movie that will open in the United States will differ markedly from the version of the film now showing in Great Britain. "Lionsgate had the dates set for an international release, so they have a different version," Solomon said in an interview. "The version that will be coming out here is literally wet. I've just finished it."

    The studio released An American Haunting in England in April. In the United States, Solomon's After Dark Films is distributing the movie and will release it on May 5. Not only is the tone of the U.S. version less of a scare film, it also offers a different explanation for the story of the Bell Witch, a real-life legend from 1818 Tennessee, which has been documented in more than 20 books.

    Solomon shopped the original version of the film around at film festivals, listened to what audiences told him and revamped the movie. "It was a unique opportunity that very few filmmakers have," said Solomon (Dungeons & Dragons). "I asked you guys, critics, and got feedback on the festival circuit and had a chance to re-do the music, color design and story. I recommend that every filmmaker take two months off and get away from it for a while and then come back and re-edit."

    The new version of the film takes the narration away from a skeptical professor, played by James D'Arcy, and gives it to the family matriarch, played by Sissy Spacek. "Sissy came back to the editing room and did some additional voice-over work and helped with a few ideas that gave some great added touches to the movie," Solomon said.

    For his part, D'Arcy, whose part was substantially cut in the second version of the film, said that he saw both versions and personally prefers the one that U.S. audiences will see. "I think the version in Britain is more deliberately trying to be a horror film," he said in a separate interview. "This [version in the U.S.] is more delving into the haunting. ... I've seen four different cuts of this movie. I prefer this version. It makes much more sense. ... I'm in the film less, but I like the film more."
    Also a related story from scifiwire

    James D'Arcy, who co-stars in the upcoming supernatural horror film An American Haunting, told SCI FI Wire that he abhors horror movies, even though his credits include Exorcist: The Beginning and the upcoming vampire film The Rise. "I don't choose to go see them," D'Arcy said in an interview. "I'm scared of them. I hate horror movies. I do everything you are supposed to do, like scream and leap 10 feet, and then I don't sleep for four nights."

    D'Arcy got the script for American Haunting just after he finished his role as an ill-fated priest in 2004's Exorcist prequel. He said his inclination was to turn it down. "The Exorcist experience was kind of freaky," he said. "I didn't want to do another horror movie. Then I read the script and liked it." When D'Arcy found out that veteran actors such as Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek had also signed on to the project, he couldn't pass it up. "I wanted to work with such fantastic actors."

    In Haunting, D'Arcy portrays a skeptic who tries to uncover the truth about the mysterious hauntings plaguing the Bell family in Tennessee. Unlike his character, the British-born actor said that he personally believes in the supernatural. "I'm completely opened to it, and I had an experience, kind of," he said. "My grandmother died about four or five years ago about 5 in the morning, and just as she was dying, I had the sharp sensation of someone being in the room with me and felt this voice saying, 'It's going to be fine and things will work out.' And the next thing I knew, my mother was saying my grandmother had died."

    Haunting director Courtney Solomon knew that D'Arcy was jumpy about scary movies and watched him during a recent screening. "Courtney wanted to watch how high I jumped, and I did jump," D'Arcy said. "I don't choose to go see these kind of movies. I would rather laugh or be moved to tears, you know what I mean?"

    An American Haunting also stars Rachel Hurd-Wood, Thom Fell and Matthew Marsh and opens nationwide on May 5.
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    That's what happened with my latest short Caller. I even went back and re-dubbed a completely different voice actor for the title character because my first choice wasn't quite as menacing.

    However, most filmmakers aren't given the luxury of re-editing a film before release.

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