Charlize Theron isn't only up for a role in "Mad Max 4." No. She's also been keeping busy... by getting busy!

Last night, Charlize kissed a girl. A woman really, from the look of things. Hard to tell with their faces smashed together like that, isn't it? The kiss -- and the $140,000 that paid for it -- was part of a charity event supporting OneXOne, an organization committed to helping children in developing regions. You may remember OneXOne from the recent "Entourage" season finale, in which Matt Damon, as himself, hassled movie star Vinnie Chase (Adrian Grenier) to get involved.

Theron was initially on stage to auction off a trip to Africa, complete with a Nelson Mandela meet-and-greet, Us Magazine reports. The bidding topped out at $37,000, so the the actress sweetened the deal by offering up a 7-second kiss to a man for $130,000. One lucky lady upped that ante to 20 seconds for $140,000, and she took the prize.