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Thread: Adriana Lima

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    Question Adriana Lima

    24-year-old Brazilian Victoria's Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima, famous for appearing mostly semi-naked in dozens of Lingerie catalogs, magazines, photosets and videos now claims she's a virgin.

    Adriana Lima makes the claim in the new issue of GQ magazine.

    The French-Portuguese-Brazilian Indian-Afro-Brazilian model says she's holding out for the right guy.

    The do-gooder model gal spends lots of time and money helping orphans in her native Brazil.

    Previous boyfriends -- including novelty-act Lenny Kravitz and baseball star Derek Jeter -- were presumably unable to get any action from Lima.

    Sissies!! Wimps!! P*ussies!!

    Here's part of the GQ interview:

    GQ: Are you a one-guy woman?

    Of course! Iím a Catholic.

    GQ: Look, Iím Catholic, too, but thereís a lot of things about the church that make it hard to date within its rules, donít you think?

    Like what?

    GQ: Birth control, premarital sexÖ

    Well, you know, sex is just for after marriage.

    GQ: Say what?

    Sex is for after marriage.

    GQ: Are you saying youíre not going to have sex before marriage?


    GQ: You mean youíve never had sex?

    Thatís why I have to say.

    GQ: You sure about this?


    GQ: How do men respond to the fact that you plan to, you know, wait?

    I donít care. They have to respect that this is my choice. If thereís no respect, that means they donít want me.

    GQ: Who was your first boyfriend?

    I have just three boyfriends in my life.

    GQ: Get out.

    And this is the third one now.

    GQ: Did you ever have your heart broken?

    By my two exes, yes.

    GQ: They dumped you?

    Noooo. They did not dump me. ButÖ It just did not worked. It did not work. You know?

    I find this very difficult to believe but maybe I am just a Neatherdal!! But I do hear that in Brazil A*** sex is wildly popular and is commonly practiced instead of regular intercourse to protect the girl's "virginity."

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    Red face

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    I can kiss her right now:

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    Adriana at the "Dreamgirls" movie Premiere:

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    I want HIS job!!

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Kal-el View Post
    Nah. I'm not making you click on the video, just tell your wife that you thought it was a PSA, and I simply misled you with false advertisement.....
    you are so smart!!

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    Adriana Lima Backstage at the 2006 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show:

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