There are a few changes in the points structure.
For anyone who doesn't know the system, here's a rundown.

First, you can no longer buy an Arcade Pass.
(once yours expires, you'll have to pay).

Games are 20 points each.
With the Jackpot set at 1000, it gives people incentive to play.

Users make a weekly salary of 1000 points.
That will let someone who never makes a post, play 50 games per week.

Put your points in The Bank and they grow at 2% interest per day.

You get 15 points for every thread you create, and another 1 point for every person who reads it (these add up fast).
You get 5 points for every reply you make.

The Lottery is now monthly with a Jackpot of 100,000 points which grows with every ticket bought.

Vbookie / Predict Box Office (in the General - Movie Related section) allows you to wager points on box office numbers and play the odds.

You can spend you points on things like changing your username / color / font, buying yourself or other gifts (that display in their posts), and even Movie-List Mugs, DVDs and Soundtracks. Click vbPlaza Menu at the top of the forum.