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    j7wild Guest

    Thumbs down M. Night Shyamalan: your movies stink !!

    Mr. Shyamalan:

    I saw Lady In The Water today with my wife, thankfully at the $1 theater, and we feel that this movie stinks!!

    Not only did it stunk, the whole pacing of the story is messy, slow, confusing and it makes me think that Disney was right in refusing to finance this project after financing your first four films!!

    I had it with you, Mr. Shyamalan!!

    You are an over-rated, over-paid Screenwriter/Director and your movies are over-hyped but IMO they all stunk!!

    Sixth Sense:
    they guy was dead from the beginning - hello, not only has this plot twist/device has been done before, I guessed it right from the beginning. So when the so called "twist" ending finally came (which was more like a cop out), I was one of the few people in the audience who didn't go into awe!!

    you copycat the story from a comic book: "Security Guard Man vs Rollerbrittle" - get an original material!!

    the whole premise of the story was flawed from the beginning and the execution of it to the ending made no sense!!

    The Village: what a deceiving piece of crap - one of the most deceptful movie I'd ever seen.

    I am considering filing a class action lawsuit against you for False Advertising!!

    It's a shame that your movies are being advertised as being good films and people go to see your films expecting a good film.

    Your movies are guilty of trying to be good when they are not!!

    I'd rather watch a movie that knows it's bad and doesn't care it's bad; at least I don't come out of the theater at the end of it feeling cheated!!

    Have you considered a career change?

    Maybe as a Microsoft Support Center outsourced Call Center Taker?

    I hear a great many of your fellow countrymen are doing quite well in that field!!

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