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    Unhappy I really felt sorry for that Man !!

    My wife and I went to the steak and ribs buffet restaurant for dinner last night.

    There was this man, who was 6 ft tall but he must had weighted over 350 lbs and he couldn't had been older than 32 years old.

    His stomach/belly was so big, it extended so far in front of him that when he walked, his spinal cord was bend all the way back.

    Additionally, most of his belly was just one big flap of fatty tissue hanging down and out past and below his waistline.

    If you want to get an idea what I meant, just stand up, put your arms perpendicular to each side of your body and lean your head and neck back as far as you can go without falling backward to the point you are almost looking up at the ceiling.

    Now try to walk the distance of about 20 feet!!

    Watching this man trying to walk this distance from his table to the buffet line, it was just sad!!

    He could only take small steps, each one equivalent to about 1/2 a foot and it took him forever to cover that distance.

    Furthermore, when he finally sat down after getting his food, he was sweating profusely from the effort and he kept wiping his face and neck with one paper napkin after another.

    I don't know whether he was born with this condition or whether he became obese later in life but I really felt sorry for him due to 2 reasons:

    1. It must be painful for him to make it through a day and perform simple tasks that we take for granted: like getting in and out of bed, taking a bath, walking and driving.

    2. Despite his condition, he was still putting away plates after plates of food and toward the end, he couldn't even get up; the waitress at the table were getting his food for him!!

    My wife thinks the poor man may not live to be 35!!

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    When I worked at pizza hut, there was this family that would come in for buffet.
    Mom - 400
    Dad - 350
    Daughter - 350
    Younger Daughter - 300
    Son - maybe 250

    there's chubby. there's "runs in the family". there's also "metabolism problem" and I understand all of these things.

    But there's also a point when you're not even TRYING anymore. And it can be rediculous.

    HOWEVER, I will say the worse thing to see was the bulimic girl who came to buffet. Not only was she packing away as much food as the overweight family, she was skinny as a twig and heaving it up in the bathroom.

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    Sounds like a candidate for gastric bypass. Possibly some lipsuction, and maybe a kick in the @ss.
    If you can stay calm, while all around you is chaos...then you probably haven't completely understood the seriousness of the situation.

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