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    If you have any children this Christmas...

    If you have any children this Christmas, don't forget to visit this Christmas Eve and Christmas.

    Even if you don't have children, it is still a fun site to visit.

    Every year, NORAD uses it's vast tracking capabilities to track Santa's progress around the world.

    It all started when a department store printed an add with a telephone number to talk to Santa on Christmas Eve, but they got the wrong phone number instead, and hundreds of children started calling the command center at CONAD (the precursor to NORAD). Not wanting to dissapoint the children, the person in charge of CONAD had his staff check their radars to see where Santa was at that moment and gave updates throughout the night. The next year, they did it again (this time on purpose), and a new tradition was born. Now it is all done online.
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    very interesting, thanks a lot corfy.

    Santa leaves in 7 hours.

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