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    Black Snake Moan

    While much (if not all) of the attention is on 300 this weekend, did anyone see Black Snake Moan? I watched it right after i saw 300 yesterday and it was actually quite good. Considerably different compared to 300, but Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci (heck, even Timberlake) were all great. The acting was surprisingly good, and the story was great. Its nice to go to a movie are are skeptical about, take a chance on it, and come out highly entertained

    Definitely worth the watch if you get a chance, overall, i would say 4/5 stars

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    Yeah, I saw it too. Very well done. My favorite scene was when he broke out his electric guitar and played for Ricci with the storm brewin' outside. She was starting to freak out... his guitar firing up... the lights in the house and his amp flickering with surges of power... awesome. I thought that was put together pretty damn good.

    The make-up was pretty good too. Samuel L.'s moles on his face, the gray hair, Ricci's bruises... all those details looked really really good. I'm wondering... were his thumbnails really messed up like that, or was make-up applied to show him more as a seasoned blues player? I think it was make-up. I don't remember his thumbs ever looking that bad. If it is make-up, once again, kudos. Who ever did the make-up on this movie did a really wonderful job.

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