I can't believe that they are only 5 weeks old and they are already fighting for attention.

I let you be the judge!!


a couple of weeks ago we went to the Chinese Buffet and Andrea had Allessandra in her arms; Aurora was in the baby carrier.

Andrea handed Allessandra to me so she can go get some food; well Allessandra started crying immediately.

Aurora, who saw me picking up her Sister, started crying too and she didn't stop until I took her out of the baby carrier.


I was chatting with a friend on Yahoo Messenger and I had Allessandra propped up on my right leg and holding her with my right arm against my stomach; she didn't like it and started kicking and making fussy noises like she wanted off (which we have learned that's her way of showing when she is displeased with something - by kicking).

I asked my friend on Yahoo Messenger what's wrong with Allessandra and why is she kicking and she said maybe she wants my undivided attention.

So I got off the computer, took Allessandra downstairs and I sat down on the sofa and I played with her and she was all happy and giggling again.


This morning we had both girls on the living room carpet and we were playing with them.

I got up to go get a refill on my orange juice and Aurora started crying before I even made it all the way out of the living room toward the hallway.

I came back immediately and picked her up to comfort her and guess what?

Allessandra started crying too (I guess she saw me picking Aurora up and she didn't like her Sister getting all my attention).

So what do you think?

Are my Girls fighting for my attention?

Is this gonna be a problem later when they get older as in will they fight each other (verbally and God Forbid, physically) over getting Andrea's and mine attention?

Andrea says they are crying now because they can't speak yet and she said wait until they can speak; it will get even more fun!!

I am not in trouble, Am I?