Director Brett Ratner's Red Dragon held on to the top spot for a second straight week despite competition from six new wide releases. After setting the new October opening weekend box office record with $36.5M, the $78M thriller dropped a hefty 51.8% in ticket sales to an estimated $17.6M. The Universal Pictures release has collected $63.2M in its first ten days.
Next up in fourth was the new action film, The Transporter, from 20th Century Fox. The Jason Statham-starrer posted $9.2M, according to studio estimates, averaging $3,557 from 2,572 theaters.
The indie miracle My Big Fat Greek Wedding added 45 theaters for 2,016 and rounded out the top five with another $7.9M, a dip of just 4.3% from last weekend. The biggest independent film in history has pushed its cumulative to a massive $158.4M in 26 weeks!
1. Red Dragon, $17.6 million | Total $63.2
2. Sweet Home Alabama, $14.1 | Total $84.6
3. Brown Sugar, $11.1 | New
4. The Transporter, $9.2 | New
5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding, $7.9 | Total $158.4
6. The Tuxedo, $7.0 | Total $37.0
7. White Oleander, $5.7 | New
8. Tuck Everlasting, $5.5 | New
9. Knockaround Guys, $5.0 | New
10. Barbershop, $4.0 | Total $65.4

wow, I am really amazed by the performance of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"