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    Exclamation This is for the morons who are against the Death Penalty !!

    Read this:

    Now if you were against the Death Penalty and this happened to someone you knew, would you still be against the Death Penalty?

    I am proud to live in Texas!!

    Ever since the Death Penalty was reinstated in Texas 30 years ago, we have executed 400 Death Row Inmates and just this year alone, 21 of them found themselves to that great place reserved for Killers: Eternal Damnation in Hell!!

    But if you ask me, keeping these Inmates on Death Row for years before executing them is a waste of Taxpayer Money; Save that Money and use them to help the poor people who can't feed and house and educate themselves.

    If a person is convicted of murder(s) and sentenced to death, they should be executed within 24 hours like they do in those other countries!!

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    I'm not against the death penalty but still think its wrong for us to judge someones death. They will never learn their lesson n we wont either that way.

    I still wouldn't mind to kill someone to learn that lesson
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