<center>Millenium Actress (Subtitled)


Director: Satoshi Kon
Plot: Genya Tachibana, is contracted by the famous Ginj Ei studios to direct a documentary commemorating 70 years of their existence. He chooses as a subject the legendary actress Chiyoko Fujiwara, a superstar actress who 30 years earlier chose to end her career and is now living as an elderly hermit in an isolated house. Genya is obssessed by this fallen star and wants to unravel the truth behind her secret. Chiyoko, has lost none of her charm or energy and through the course of her interview with Genya, begins to recount memories of the past, visiting each fragment of what has been long gone, melding past and present together. The actress' memories soon metamorphis into a great adventure where cinema confronts history and an incredible love is unveiled.
Notes: I can't completely place in words on how perfect this movie is created. Its like watching various movies within a movie. I have never felt so strong for the charactors in this movie compared to all other movies... yes... including live action movies. The main charactors tell the story by involving themselfs in the story that is being told by Chiyoko. Very funny and a smooth joke every 5 mins between Genya & this assistant but that just adds an excellent depth into the charactor's feelings towards each other.
I'm saying this movie is the best anime of the year!!
Rating: Special 6/5!!!