So here's the deal.

The old system is totally gone.
Our new credits system is up and being tested.
(to make sure points don't climb like crazy due to an error on our part).

Right now, there isn't anything to buy.
That will come later.
(you'll be able to buy all the forum enhancing stuff - colored usernames / arcade pass / etc. - as well as a bunch of new stuff - including real items like DVD's).

The things we do have working are the lottery and the bank.

The lottery runs every 2 days (as long as at least 5 tickets have been bought).
Jackpot is 50 credits, and raises with each ticket sold.

The bank pays 10% interest every week and there is a 1% fee for each transaction.

We also have a loan system. You can take out up to 100 credits, but they need to be paid back (10% per week) or there is interest, and your credit score will be affected (stopping you from buying things in the future).

Like the old system, you earn credits for starting threads, replying to threads, referring users, updating your profile, and so on.

If you're active (logged in to the forum) at least once per week, you'll also receive a paycheck.

All of these things will most likely be tweaked and some settings may change.