Hi all,

For anyone who's interested, I've just posted a version of Matrix 4-The Super Matrix that is now in "official screenplay format". I made this new version because so many people complained that the screenplay wasn't following the guidelines of the screenwriter's industry. Enough of you were put off to the point of not reading it because of the formatting. Couldn't have that!

So here it is. You can download it from thesupermatrix.com The old version is still on my site, too, for those of you who prefer it.

For those who didn't read the earlier thread, Matrix 4-The Super Matrix is a completely new extension of the Matrix Trilogy and a bit of a mind bender, if I do say so myself. The story paints a picture of what might have happened before The Matrix and after The Matrix Revolutions; sort of a prequel/sequel, I guess.

And, as always, please come back here and let me know what you think of it. I need the feedback.

Thanks, PD Wood