We were putting up Christmas Decorations at my store yesterday and one of my Managers suggested that we not put up anything that had the phrase "Merry Christmas" on it because

1. some people finds that offensive


2. it will leave us open to lawsuits

That is the biggest Croak of Crap I had ever heard!!

Someone posted this on the internet and I agree with every word of it:

Don't tell me that I can't celebrate Christmas, don't tell me that I can't say Merry Christmas, don't tell me that a Christmas tree is a "holiday" tree, don't tell me that December 25 is no longer Christmas Day but is instead now a no name holiday, do't tell me that if I say merry Christmas other people will be insulted, don't tell me that my children can't have a Christmas pageant in school because other children may feel insulted or left out (School is not and can not always be all inclusive for everyone, otherwise there would be no chess club because not every child plays chess, no sports teams because not every child plays or even likes sports, no drama club because not every child wants to act, no Memorial day because not every child wants to honor our fallen soldiers, no labor day because not every child wants to honor unions, no Thanksgiving because not every child wants to give thanks, no pledge of allegiance because not every child wants to honor this country, etc.). This is not a country of worker bees or ants, we are a country of individuals with different backgrounds and different beliefs.

According to the U.S Government under United States Code section 5-6103, December 25 is a legal holiday and that legal holiday is named Christmas. Most states also denote December 25 as "Christmas". We all know that Christ was not actually born on December 25 but that is the date that this government and the majority of Christian churches have chosen to use. Additionally, not all people who celebrate Christmas believe in Christ, many people celebrate it as just a holiday that happens to be called Christmas. I've been to numerous Christmas parties where many of the guests were not Christians. No one ever called them Holiday parties and as far as I know no one was ever upset that the party was called a Christmas party.

I'm not insulted if someone wishes me happy Hanukkah or happy Kwanza so why should anyone be insulted if I say Merry Christmas. It seems to me that the only people that complain about Christmas are certain Atheists and the people that have designated themselves as "political correctness police". Well. in this country you people have the right to state your thoughts but please stop trying to force your way of thinking on everyone else. Leave us alone. Get your own holiday, leave us ours.

I celebrate Christmas because it is my Choice as an individual!! After all it's a wonderful holiday, it wishes peace on earth and good will towards all mankind (What other holiday makes that wish?) If you are so insecure in your religion or lack of religion that you feel threatened by my celebration of Christmas then I feel sorry for you. I would also tell you to go jump off a very high bridge into very deep water (People that try to push their beliefs on me really P*** me off). If you don't want to celebrate Christmas, don't. Just don't tell those of us that do want to that we can't.
I told my employees to leave those decorations up!!

I also told them to thank every customer at the checkout and still say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays"!!

Someone gets offended and wants to sue?

Go Ahead!!

I Spit on their Lawsuit!!

What's next to be eliminated?




read this:


totally absurd!!