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    There Will Be Blood?

    Has anyone yet to see There Will be Blood? The latest from P.T. Anderson. The trailer was amazing, just wondering if it plays out as a feature.

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    I loved the trailer for this movie. I love Paul Thomas Anderson's movies with Punch Drunk Love being the least favorite. As for this film... well it was pretty cool. Daniel is awesome as Plainview. The preacher kid is great too. I feel they'll both be nominated for best actor and best supporting actor. The movie got a little long-winded in the middle, but makes up for it in the end. The music is just plain eerie; I got the soundtrack. If I had to rank this with the P.T.A.'s other movies my order would be:

    1. Magnolia
    2. There Will Be Blood
    3. Boogie Nights
    4. Punch Drunk Love

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