Darkness Falls

Release Date: January 10, 2003
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Screenwriter: Joe Harris
Starring: Chaney Kley, Emma Caulfield, Joshua Anderson, Andrew Bayly, Emily Browning, Lee Cormie, Peter Curtin, Daniel Daperis, Rebecca McCauley, Kestie Morassi, Steve Mouzakis, Alannah Oliver, Grant Piro, Angus Sampson, Christian Schaeffer, Peter Stanton, Sullivan Stapleton
Genre: Horror
Official Website: SonyPictures.com
Plot Summary: Kyle Walsh (Kley) must return home to confront his troubled past and save his childhood sweetheart Caitlin (Caulfield) and her younger brother Michael (Cormie) from an unrelenting evil that has plagued the town of Darkness Falls for over one hundred and fifty years.

Emma Caulfield as Caitlin Green and Lee Cormie as her son, Michael Green

L to R: Emma Caufield as Caitlin, Lee Cormie as Michael and Chaney Kley as Kyle


Fair warning... look out for the Tooth Fairy!

The makers of Darkness Falls are bringing to the big screen a newfangled incantation of the age-old myth. And this Tooth Fairy, a wraith of some sort, doesn't appear to be satisfied with just the one under your pillow. Oh, she'll take that tooth, then probably the rest from your mouth.

You see, the town of Darkness Falls has a sketchy past. (The mayhem might have started the day the town elders named the place Darkness Falls, but that's another story.) Here, about one-hundred-and-fifty years ago, an old woman who regularly gave children a coin for their teeth was lynched by the locals. Why, you might ask? Because one day, when a group of children brought their teeth to her, the children never returned. She was blamed for their murder. Thus the town was cursed. The good children would be rewarded, and the bad children...

Fast-forward to the present day, Kyle Walsh (played by Chaney Kley) returns to his hometown to protect his girlfriend's (played by Emma Caufield Anya of TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer) son from the Tooth Fairy a big, bad, and most unsightly force of evil.