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    Exclamation She shouldn't had been wearing a Thong Anyway!!

    1. How did the "metal" (if there was even any) on the thong popped into her eye? Was she like lying on her back with her legs and ankles up to almost over her head while she was putting on her thong?

    Okay, that is a Gross and Scary Vision!!

    If not, explain to me how a piece of "metal" on the thong would fly off and high enough to hit her in her eyes if she was standing up while putting the thong on like a normal woman would?

    Also when the "metal" flew off, it should be flying away from her and not up at her to hit her in her eyes.

    2. She is 52 years old and Fugly, she shouldn't have been wearing a Thong anyway.

    3. I bet the thong she was wearing was 2 sizes too small for her huge fat butt!!

    4. I known many Topless Dancers in my single days and took off many thongs and g-strings off of them and I fail to see what she means by a piece of "Metal" on them?

    5. Sounds like a frivoulous, non-merit based, BS lawsuit to me and if she loses, she's going to play the Race Card and cry Discrimination because she's Black!!

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