Why am I Angry?

1. All those people who just stood by and did nothing to help!!

(I am licensed to carry a concealed firearm, I would has shot those MotherF.....!!)

2. Those F*ruc*king punks think they are so tough when there are 10 of them beating up on 1 guy - that's not being a Man; that's being a Coward!!

Give me 5 minutes with the last guy who did most of the stomping at the end of the video and I'll show him how much of a P*ussy he is!!

3. The little girl in the upper corner of the video who had to witness such brutal and senseless act; she is going to have nightmares!!

Well, I am happy to know that when they get arrested, tried and thrown in Prison; they will be Gang Raped day and night and they will deserve every minute of it!!

Warning: VIDEO is extremely Graphic!!

Rated NC-17!!