Anyone interested in Linux news may be interested in this.

Xandros, the distro formerly owned by Corel, has reportedly purchased Linspire, a Linux distro aimed specifically at new Linux users.

I never tried Xandros (although once long ago I almost purchased Corel Linux to try on my home system).

I haven't tried Linspire, either, but I poked around on a LiveCD version of Freespire, the free, community-supported version of Linspire. I wasn't too impressed with it, since it seemed to use a lot of older software.

However, Linspire (and Freespire) has made a lot of Linux news over the last couple of years with their "CNR" (Click N Run) technology, which is supposed to make it really easy to install software on Linux.

I don't know what this purchase will mean to the Linux community, if anything. But I find it interesting.