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Thread: Guns and the UK

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    Guns and the UK

    before i start into this - i am not trying to start another endless debate about gun control and the pros/cons of such enforcement. please do not turn this into such a debate ... .

    a friend of mine sent me this video as he knows i'm trying to relocate to the UK within the next few years. i knew that england banned handguns a few years ago, but i thought it was a ban on hand guns - not rifles. owners could still own rifles with a license - at least that's what i thought. some parts of this video make it seems that ALL firearms were banned - or at least heading in that direction - is that true ?? when did this demonstration happen and did anything happen as a result (other than this video being made) ??

    also, the man - Tony Martin - that was jailed for defending his property - what is the law about home defense? it doesn't make sense to me that he gets a murder conviction (though reduced to manslaughter and was released for good behavior in 2003). the few articles i found didnt explain much about the incident other than both men were shot, one made it to a neighbors house and the other was found on the grounds, dead. any info that explains more about this would be appreciated.

    as i mentioned - im not looking to debate gun control. im just looking for more information about the gun laws in the UK and anything else about this demonstration as well as Tony Martin.
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    As far as I am aware its illegal to own any type of gun, the only time guns are allowed are in firing ranges. That's as far as I am aware though, my knowledge isn't that extensive.

    Edit: Quick wikipedia check...

    Pretty much you can only own a 'gun' (handgun or rifle) "gun licenses are only issued if a person has legitimate sporting or work-related reasons for owning a gun". Shotguns seem to be under a different ruling, I guess for farmers.

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    My question is "Why would you want to move to the UK"
    The reason for asking: Most people from the UK that I know never want to go back once they have been to NAM, and the ones who do go back, return after a few years because it is hard to make ends meet, unless you marry Madonna !

    As for the gun laws, they are probably similar to the Canadian laws, handguns are banned unless you are a collector and can only be used at ranges, transported in the trunk of your car in a case or trigger lock only via the most direct route to your range or gun club. Permit/Hunting License required to purchase ammo of any type. Rifles and shotguns are covered under a different Long Gun rule, where they need to be registered, but can be acquired simply presenting a valid hunting license and wait a mandatory timeframe for approval.
    Restrictions on auto and semi-auto weapons might also apply.
    After all, Canada is part of the confederation

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    I am not sure but I think UK maybe like Italy....

    you can't own a handgun unless you are in Law Enforcement and you can own a hunting rifle or shotgun but you need a permit

    that's why the U.S. is so great when it comes to Firearms ownership laws:

    I can own a handgun, a rifle, a shotgun, an assault rifle and with the correct license even a full auto machine gun and a grenade launcher!!

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    Gun controls have been tightened and you'll need a legimate reason as to why you should own one. Otherwise it's illegal.

    As for defending your property you can only use resonable force. You can't just kill a person because they have entered your property without permission. It's a bit of a grey area, what's deemed as resonable force. How much danger you are in. There are a lot of factors.

    A good example of what resonable force is can be found here

    Also where are you planning on moving to in the UK?



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