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    The Last Airbender (2010)

    The Film

    Suspense auteur M. Night Shyamalan takes a break from crafting original screenplays to tell this tale of a 12-year-old boy (Noah Ringer) who provides the last hope for restoring harmony to a land consumed by chaos. In a world balanced on the four nations of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air, people known as the Waterbenders, Earthbenders, Firebenders, and Airbenders have mastered their native elements. Though the masters can each manipulate their native elements, the only one with the power to manipulate all four elements is a young boy known as the Avatar. When the Avatar subsequently appears to die while still mastering his powers, the Fire nation launches a global war with the ultimate goal of global domination. One hundred years later, two teens discover that the Avatar and his flying bison have in fact been locked in suspended animation. Upon being freed from his prison, the Avatar embarks on an arduous quest to restore harmony among the four war-ravaged nations.

    The Official Site

    The Last Airbender


    The Last Airbender

    Trailer(s) AOL/Moviefone HD Encode of the Domestic Trailer

    QT Domestic Trailer HD 480p (34.6Mb)
    QT Domestic Trailer HD 720p (62.8Mb)
    QT Domestic Trailer HD 1080p (95.8Mb)

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