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    No Impact Man: The Documentary (Colin Beavan, Michelle Conlin)


    Author Colin Beavan and his family were a perfect example of SUV driving, fast food eating New Yorkers who would assuage their guilt with the rest of us at the mall for some good old American retail therapy. Then Colin turned things upside down—he came home and announced that for his next book he would become No Impact Man. For starters that would mean no trash, no electricity, no cars, no toilet paper, no TV, and no buying anything new for an entire year. The hitch was that he wanted his wife and their two-year-old daughter Isabella to join him for this year-long experiment.
    No Impact Man presents an intimate emotional portrait of a couple struggling through a severe and protracted change in their way of life. The filmmakers document what happens to a couple's emotional life when they alter their entire lifestyle over the course of a year. How do they cope with the constant stress and intermittent crises of such a rigorous way of living? Or, perhaps, when life is pared down, do some things become unexpectedly better and even easier?


    No Impact Man: The Documentary

    Official Site

    No Impact Man

    Domestic Trailer

    FLV Domestic Trailer 640X362 (15.1Mb)

    The trailer is also available at Apple Trailers in various sizes including HD...
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    Post Nothing New, Different Encode

    AOL/Moviefone HD Encode of the Domestic Trailer

    QT Trailer HD 480p (44.5Mb)
    QT Trailer HD 720p (80.2Mb)
    QT Trailer HD 1080p (120.8Mb)
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