It was announced today that Death Ray Films, director Patrick Tatopoulos (Rise of the Lycans) and Underworld Co-creator Kevin Grevioux have joined forces to bring the upcoming Darkstorm Comics title I, Frankenstein to the big screen. According to the release I, Frankenstein 'brings back many beloved classic monsters including Frankensteinís Monster, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the Invisible Man, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde plus many more, in a re-imagined contemporary setting'. Uh, hold on a second while I pick my jaw up off of the floor. Am I the only one who thinks this sounds fracking awesome? So excited was I, when offered the chance to talk to Kevin Grevioux I humbly accepted. Hit the jump for our chat with Kevin and two pages of EXCLUSIVE to FEARnet concept art from the upcoming I, Frankenstein comic!

How are you going to go about bringing back the classic monsters?

In terms of inspiration, like with Underworld, I've always loved monsters and I try to find a way to retell the classic creatures of lore and literature and spin them on their ear. With Underworld, bringing the two together as a surrealistic interracial relationship amidst the backdrop of a century spanning race war, so I thought that was interesting. I thought bringing in the science was also another interesting aspect so that made it different from anything else. I was inspired by movies like House of Frankenstein where you had Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Dracula all in one [film].

What sparked interest in me as a kid was man, why don't they do more of these crossovers so to speak? Like why don't they have Frankenstein vs. The Mummy? Y'know, I've always wanted to see that. So I found a way to put Frankenstein in a modern day setting and make him more of a cool action hero. In a very film noir world. And have the whole city occupied by monsters unbeknownst to the public.

So the monsters sort of work underground?

Yeah. They perform different functions but no one knows that they exist. In this world there are vampires, werewolves, ghosts, goblins, things of that nature. And it's all about their relationships and trying to find a way for them to work.
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Four pieces of concept art from I, Frankenstein have made their way online. Screenwriter and actor Kevin Grevioux, who co-created the "Underworld" franchise, is reteaming with director Patrick Tatopoulos on the film based on Grevioux's Darkstorm Comics series.'s Ryan Turek (aka Ryan Rotten) is developing and co-producing with Robert Sanchez and Chris Patton under the Death Ray Films label.

The comic book is a modernization of the Frankenstein mythos with the monster encountering other famous movie monsters in violent ways.

You can check out concept art of the lead character at IESB, the monster at, the Bride at Ain't It Cool News and the Werewolf at