Cy Carter, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Jimmi Simpson, Michael O'Neill,
Rita Taggart, Lucy DeVito, Charlie Day, Melanie Lynskey, Ian McConnel,
Charlotte Chanler.

The Film

Dax and Olive are in a very happy marriage. When her father falls prey to early Alzheimers, Olive decides she's in a hurry to have a baby. Dax is dead set against it. One tipsy night, Olive pokes a hole in her diaphragm. When Dax discovers her deception, he panics. He doesn't want to lose his wife, but he also doesn't want to have a baby. He decides to slip her the pill in her morning coffee. For a time they're both happy, secretly thinking they're getting what they want without having to fight for it. But quickly their quiet little marriage starts to fall apart.

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A Quiet Little Marriage
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A Quiet Little Marriage


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