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Price of Life focuses on the life of Robert Childs, a Philadelphia native bred into the street culture of gun violence and drug trafficking from a young age. The film brings Childs back to the locations of some of the most notable events of his life, as he discusses the intricate details of street life during the two decades that he terrorized the streets of his local community.
From a young age, a life on the streets is the only way of life that Childs knew; without a father figure to turn to for guidance, Childs learned life lessons from older groups of hustlers who took him in. Price of Life reveals the lavish vices that Childs turned to in his darkest times, motivated purely by greed and a sense of maximizing all pleasures. There existed no clearly identifiable goal for Childs; each day was likely to be his last, as he watched his companions die around him throughout the years.
His debilitating journey of crime was littered with drawbacks stemming from conflicts with law enforcement and the constant threat of death. With no sense of death or morality, Childs’ reign as a horrifying figure of violence is shown in graphic detail to the audience of Price of Life, bringing a level of understanding to Childs’ life of darkened glamour.Other figures in Price of Life include Childs’ mother Barbara Boyd, who recounts how Childs lived as an energetic youngster in the Philadelphia community. Her recollections of Childs’ youth bridge the gap between normal childhood behavior and his introduction to the violent culture that Childs came to dominate later in life. The most turbulent years of Childs’ life is recounted by his mentor Muhammad Shakur, who connects Childs’ experiences to the greater urban community as a whole. Shakur’s testimony brings to light the bigger issues within Price of Life, establishing the trends of violence that many fatherless figures of the black community turn to. Childs’ path of rehabilitation through the National Comprehensive Center for Fathers (NCCF) served as the catalyst for turning his life around. Through a series of classroom instructions and personal mentoring, Childs worked to overcome the personal demons that plagued him for decades. Price of Life includes the NCCF’s director Kofi Asante, who provides his insight into Childs’ transformation and his strength and resolve to turn his life around to become a leader and role model for the community he once intimidated.

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