Mike Reilly, Julia Anderson, Peter Abrams, Poppie Reiner,
Winston Brown.

The Film

An injured college athlete, Elliot (Mike Reilly), falls for a stripper, Anna (Julia Ander- son), but is unable to perform sexually. The relationship oscillates between tender and cruel; issues of infidelity, along with doubts about his ability to father children arise, as his on-field performance begins to decline, putting his draft status at stake.
With tension mounting between the couple, Elliot seeks help from his doctor, Dr. Kahn (Poppi Reiner), only to be accused of taking steroids and prompted to deposit sperm to secure a future child. Elliot soon meets Dr. Morino (Peter Abrams), and Elliot reluc- tantly learns to trust his physician again. Both Anna and Dr. Morino force Elliot to exam- ine the choices that he is making, and in the climactic moments of the film, Elliot finally reveals the missing piece of the puzzle, and is made to choose one more time.
Road To Victory is a thoughtful look at the role of gender in the patient / physician relationship, limits imposed on physicians by changes in the health-care industry, and even the limits of drugs designed to replace the physicians. It asks the question of what level of fidelity is acceptable in a relationship where sex isn’t possible. And lastly, it looks be- hind sensationalized media headlines over steroid abuse, at the human elements that really drive athletes to succeed, and the price associated with the choices required to achieve that success.

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Road to Victory


Road to Victory

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