John Rhys-Davies, Marina Sirtis, Heather Peace, Craig Fairbrass,
Mimi Ferrer, Omar Mostafa, Kammy Darweish, George Calil,
Jim Alexander, Aurélie Bargème, Dhaffer L'abidine, Elaine Tan,
Louis Decosta Johnson, Ian Lavender, Andrew Bicknell,
Nathalia Ramos.

The Film

A psychological political thriller, tells the story of a British Prime Minister who gives up the position of an SAS unit in Afghanistan to ensure a UK £80 billion arms deal goes through – thus assuring his re-election. All soldiers in the SAS unit are thought to have died, until 2 months later, when one of them (a female Captain in the SAS) is found by Italian special forces and returns to the UK to investigate matters.

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31 North 62 East


31 North 62 East


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