I am trying to find the name or any other info on this HBO made-for-tv movie. I saw it in the late 80's or early 90's. I think it was a 60 minute movie.

This movie takes place all in one night.

A guy gets a phone call in the middle of the night waking him and his wife up and all you hear him say is something like, "OK. I'll be there."

We then find out that he is a recording studio musician, a session guitarist, and that the manager of a famous band (The Four Kings?) has called him out because they are having problems with their guitarist.

He walks in to the studio and the rock star guitarist, who is throwing baby tantrums says, "What is he doing here?"

The mood is very tense. The Rock Star throws a fit and storms out of the studio yelling, "I quit!"

The other guitarist is asked to do a lead for a new song and it goes well. The next thing you know they are jamming on some old standards and having a good time. The band really likes him as his lack of ego is a fresh break from the "walking on eggs" atmosphere they are used to with their old guitarist.

They next thing you know they offer him the position as the new guitarist of their band and he accepts. He is so stoked to be in the band of his idols. He takes a break and goes to the bathroom where he runs into an old friend, a girl back-up singer. They have apparently both been doing sessions for a long time in this business and she is congratulating him and they are both laughing and having a great time because he has finally "made it".

He returns to the studio to find that the other guitarist has returned and is veri apologetic. The band and their managers go into a conference room and after awhile they emerge and the manager comes over and rescinds his offer saying that they are going to keep the old guitarist and try and work things out.

The studio musician thanks the manager and he goes home and crawls into bed with his wife and she, knowing none of this, asks him in a half-asleep tone, "So how did it go?"

He, very jadedly, says something like, "Just another session."

Being a guitarist and having been in this similar situation, I really liked this movie. And it looked liked the actor was actually a guitarist...always a plus in my book.

Can anybody shed some light on the anmeof this movie or actors? Any info would be appreciaited.

Thank you.