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    Post film studies related question?

    Hi I am studying A2 level film studies and need to collect information as part of my research project.
    I was wondering if some of you could take the time to answer my question:

    Do you think the film Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) accurately refelcts American Scoiety in the 1920's?

    Any help appreciated thanks

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    seriously...?? anyone who can give an accurate account of life 90 years ago is either dead, dying or has no clue how the internet works because they are at least 90 years old - though my thought wold be to look for someone who is at least 100 yrs old so at that point they are about 10 and have a good memory of life. good luck with that one ...

    on a secondary note, a movie about life 20 years ago is going to be a movie at best - something fabricated, retold, rewritten, rethought and rehashed so many times that it is not going to be true in any sense - save the possibility of being a documentary and even then they tell what they want to say and are not truly objective (though i'm sure some are, i would say that most are not) - so my thought is that a movie that came out in 1938 about life in the 1920s is not going to accurately reflect life then.

    edit: considering that this movie, that i had never heard of (im not that old) has James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and was directed by Michael Curtiz (Casablanca) i will have to put this on my list of movies i want to see, thoguh i have no clue how in the heck i am going to ... i doubt i'll find this at blockbuster.
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    For under $10.00 at Amazon from a seller, cheaper than a rental and it gets delivered!!!.

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    I think I heard of this movie, but I can't say that I have watched it.
    as for the rest of the comment I am inclined to agree with redbear on this..

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