Scott Caan, James Caan, Erika Christensen, Troy Garity,
Dylan McDermott, Wendy Glenn, Whitney Able, Bre Blair, John Boyd, Dorian Brown, Thom Cammer, Alexie Gilmore, Milton A. Marsh III,
Faye Yvette McQueen.

The Film

MERCY, a lush indie romance from actor/writer/producer Scott Caan, and directed by first Patrick Hoelck in an amazing transition from the world of fashion photography to filmmaking, follows Johnny Ryan (Caan), a successful young romance novelist who, as it happens, doesn't actually believe in love. At the launch party for his latest book, Johnny’s world is suddenly turned upside-down by the beautiful and mysterious Mercy (Wendy Glenn), the only major critic who dislikes his work. Johnny becomes determined to find the depth that Mercy says he is lacking and, in the process, falls in love. Featuring a moving on-screen collaboration between Scott and his father Scott Caan, and a stellar supporting cast including Dylan McDermott and Erika Christensen, MERCY explores the struggle of maintaining a relationship, and the possibility of losing it all.

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