John C. McGinley, Matt McGrath, William H. Macy, Andy Fowle,
Julianne Phillips, Robert Bella, Will McCormack, Erik Jensen,
Martha Plimpton, Mary McCormack, Chris Bauer, Casper Andreas,
Craig Collington Bator.

The Film

COLIN FITZ LIVES! is a charming, ironic, and absurdist comedy that finds its inspiration in America’s obsessions with fame, celebrity deaths and rock 'n roll. Every year on the anniversary of rock idol Colin Fitz' death, something bizarre happens at his gravesite. This year his wife, Justice Fitz (Julianne Phillips), enlists the help of two security guards, Paul (Matt McGrath) and Grady (Andy Fowle), who are clearly not from the same universe. From the moment they begin preparing for their night in the graveyard, personalities clash as Paul and Grady heatedly exchange views on life, love, and American pop culture.
Throughout one increasingly strange night, the mismatched guards have comical encounters with numerous visitors: their officious supervisor Mr. O'Day (William H. Macy), a Colin Fitz fanatic (Martha Plimpton), the mysterious groundskeeper Nolan (John C. McGinley), Grady's ex-girlfriend Moira (Mary McCormack) and her new beau Tony Baby Shark (Chris Bauer). But by the end of the night, Paul and Grady arrive at a newfound respect for the megastar's iconic power and also each other. Echoing the hilarious mockumentary madness of THIS IS SPINAL TAP!, and the deadpan existentialism of CLERKS, COLIN FITZ LIVES! explores dead rock star mythology and postmodern romance, while also making a case for friendship in a world gone mad.


Colin Fitz Lives!

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