Enrique Arreola, Ari Brickman, Juan Carlos Colombo, Marina de Tavira, Max Kerlow, Verónica Langer, Martin LaSalle, Silvia Mariscal,
Fermín Martínez, Juan Pablo Medina, Arantza Moreno, Vanya Moreno, Angelina Peláez.

The Film

This story begins when Jose finds out that Nora, the woman he'd been married to for 30 years and then divorced, has committed suicide. The rabbi explains to Jose that due to the celebration of the Passover festivities, together with a few other factors, if Nora is not buried that same day, they will have to wait almost five days to be able to carry out the burial. Before dying, Nora schemed a plan to make José, her ex-husband, take care of her corpse. It would bring José (Fernando Lujan), and the rest of their family together for a magnificent Passover feast. But there is a flaw in her plan- a mysterious photograph forgotten under the bed- will lead to an unexpected outcome reminding us that the biggest love stories are sometimes hidden in the smallest places, and cause José to reexamine their relationship and rediscover their undying love for each other. Winner of 7 Mexican Academy Awards, including Best Picture of the Year!


Nora's Will

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