The Film

In 51 Birch Street, director Doug Block took a hard look at his parents’ marriage and his own relationship with his father. Now, Block turns in the other direction, offering an exceptionally moving film about his relationship with his only child, Lucy.
Block has filmed his daughter since the day she was born, but soon she’ll head off to college. Moving seamlessly between past, present, and the fast-approaching future, Block has not only crafted a loving portrait of a girl transitioning into womanhood, but also an incredibly candid look at parenting and what it means to let go.
This time of transition comes with its fair share of struggles. To his credit, Block does not shy away from these moments, nor from the insightful yet occasionally harsh analysis his wife offers. The result is a story told with such honesty and openness that a singular experience unfolds into a universal story of parenting, marriage, and family—making this a film that parents, daughters, and sons will appreciate.


The Kids Grow Up


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