Katrina Bowden, Jon Gries, Sugar Lyn Beard, Kelen Coleman,
Malcolm Goodwin, Keith Loneker, Chelsea Logan, Andy Anderson, Michael Bernardi, Cameron Fife, Tyler McGee, Chuck Bradley,
Tommy O'Rourke, Mike McLendon.

The Film

A True Story is a film within a film...within a film, as we see the real side of Hollywood as lived in by struggling actors. The story is not, however, inclusive to the LA scene. It's a story about resisting temptation and maintaining integrity. It's about keeping track of what's really important in life, the people that really love you and would do anything for you, however imperfect they might be.
Mike (Cameron Fife) and Matt (Tyler McGee), are best friends and roommates who have struggled as actors for two and a half years.
Along the way they have been able to write a screenplay, a vehicle for them both, which they are sure will lead them to success. They even have a perspective buyer, Jason (Malcolm Goodwin), a friend from the neighborhood who is the assistant to the big time Hollywood producer Richard Simpkins (Jon Gries).
It is soon apparent the script they have written is actually an allegory for their own lives. Meanwhile, Mike's ex- girlfriend Deanna (Katrina Bowden) has suddenly moved into town, and is trying to re-kindle her relationship with Mike.
Mike and Matt's struggles are now more than just where their next meal will come from, as they fight to not only keep themselves attached to their script, but also to remain friends through the turmoil brought on by both greedy Hollywood producers and slutty ex- girlfriends.


A True Story (Not Live)
A True Story (Studio)

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