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    The Last Play at Shea (Documentary)

    The Film

    On July 18th, 2008, a stage was erected in the middle of New York’s Shea Stadium for what would be the last concert before the building was demolished in favor of the newer Citi Field that was being built right next door. The headliner was native Long Islander Billy Joel, who was first inspired to become a musician after seeing The Beatles play the exact same venue back in 1965 when the building was still new. Director Paul Crowder was there to capture the event, and with that footage and a full and rich history behind both Joel and Shea, he has created a fantastic documentary in Last Play at Shea.


    The Last Play at Shea

    Trailer(s) Yahoo HD Encode

    QT Domestic Trailer HD 480p (18.8Mb)
    QT Domestic Trailer HD 720p (48.9Mb)
    QT Domestic Trailer HD 1080p (66.6Mb)

    QT Domestic Trailer 1280X720 (12.1Mb)
    QT Domestic Trailer 400X224 (2.6Mb)
    FLV Domestic Trailer 640X360 (8.8Mb)
    WMV Domestic Trailer 640X360 (8.0Mb)

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    Post Nothing New, Different Encode

    QT Encodes of the Domestic Trailer also Available HERE at Apple Including HD, no Direct Links.

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