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    Talking The Official Movie-List "PIZZA" Thread !!

    I am Italian and I Pizza!!

    Pizza is to us like Hamburgers is to Americans and Fish and Chips is to British, etc.

    What kind of pizza do you prefer, Frozen or Freshly Made delivery?

    Which ones of each kind are best?

    What are your favorite toppings?

    What kind of crust do you prefer?


    Red Baron, Di Giorno's Self Rising.


    There are a couple of real Italian owned Pizzeria here that we get our pizza from. I don't like Pizza Hut or Domino's or Pappa John's or any of those national chains.

    We do go to Cici's Pizza buffet sometime because the 3 littles ones eat for free there and adult buffet is only $4.99.


    I prefer a hand tossed thick crust or a pan crust over thin.


    Anchovies and Mushrooms (fresh if possible, not the jar kind) foremost (must have, in Italy, every pizza comes with Anchovies and Mushrooms; just like every pizza comes with Tomato Sauce and Cheese);

    Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Beef, Pork Bacon....

    i.e. pretty much any meats but I draw my line at Alfredo Chicken and Crab Meat. I also like green olives and black olives on my pizza.

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    - pizza started as a dish of poor people - it was scrap used to test the temp of the oven ...

    - true italian pizza is dough and white sauce ... that's it

    and lastly, i hate hamburgers...
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    Quote Originally Posted by redbear View Post
    - pizza started as a dish of poor people - it was scrap used to test the temp of the oven ...

    - true italian pizza is dough and white sauce ... that's it

    you are talking about White Pizza.

    it's pizza dough brushed with a rosemary and salt olive oil mix (no cheese, no tomato) and baked until golden brown and crisp!!

    it's so good!!

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    Just cheese and tomato for me. Always have it, gives me a good basis to judge all the pizzas I have as I have the same thing every time.

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    i just popped a Di Giorno into the oven for supper (Supreme, although I added a few slices of pepperoni and a lot of cheese).

    I used to work at a pizza place in high school and college. It was a "mom and pop" type place. The owner was a former manager at a Pizza Hut, and the manager was a former employee at that same Pizza Hut, so we were probably as close to Pizza Hut as you could get without actually being a Pizza Hut. BTW, they closed about a year after I left. Cooincidence? I'm not so sure.

    When asked what I like on pizza, my usual answer is "anything except hot peppers and fish." I guess that is one of the things about working in a pizza place, I'm used to some weird combinations (when all you have to eat is pizza, you have a tendency to experiment a bit). And I do prefer thicker crusts over thinner (thin crust is like eating a pizza on a cracker).

    We do get Pizza Hut delivered a lot, but they are one of the few pizza places in town that deliver to our hosue (the only others are Domino's, which my wife doesn't care for, and Papa John's, which I don't care for). I also like Papa Murphy's, and there is a new pizza place in town that is really good (NY Little Italy Pizza Cafe), but as I said, they don't deliver. And we now have a Little Ceasar's ($5 pizza ready when you walk in). And there is another local place (Mozzi's) that has a huge pizza buffet that I sometimes hit over lunch (my personal favorite of theirs is a pizza made with nacho cheese instead of pizza sauce).

    Probably the best pizza I've ever had was from Giordano's in Chicago, but I've only eaten there once. Of course, I've only been to Chicago once.
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    Only fresh, only from original Italian restaurant, only margherita, eventually margherita with Parma Ham and Rocket (Rucola) salat.

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    Love me some pizza!

    I usually get Di Giorno Crispy Flatbread or a Freschetta.

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    Wow... I love eating pizzas... they are good... I like the pizza which has a lot of cheese...

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