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    City of Life and Death (2009)

    Ye Liu, Yuanyuan Gao, Hideo Nakaizumi, Wei Fan, Yiyan Jiang,
    Ryu Kohata, Bin Liu, Yuko Miyamoto, John Paisley, Beverly Peckous, Lan Qin, Sam Voutas, Di Yao, Yisui Zhao, Junichi Kajioka.

    The Film

    Nanjing, China December 1937: The Japanese Imperial Army attacks the city wall of the fledging republic of China’s ancient capital, and in a matter of days, Nanjing falls. Over the course of the following weeks, Japanese soldiers systematically exterminate Chinese prisoners while brutalizing, murdering, and raping civilians. As the death toll mounts exponentially, a group of Chinese and European refugees attempt to stave off the atrocities within a Safety Zone established inside the city. In the process, everyone – Chinese, Japanese, civilian and soldier – has their loyalty and humanity tested by the nspeakable crimes and extraordinary sacrifices that are to follow. The film is based on recorded witness testimony from the real-life survivors of the Nanjing Massacre.


    City of Life and Death (kino)
    City of Life and Death (uk)


    Trailer(s) Apple HD Encode

    QT Domestic Trailer 1920X816 (47.5Mb) ** MegaUpload
    QT Domestic Trailer 1280X544 (24.9Mb) ** MegaUpload
    QT Domestic Trailer 854X362 (10.4Mb) ** MegaUpload
    QT Domestic Trailer 640X272 (7.5Mb) ** MegaUpload
    FLV Domestic Trailer 1920X816 (47.5Mb) ** MediaFire
    FLV Domestic Trailer 1280X544 (24.9Mb) ** MediaFire
    FLV Domestic Trailer 854X362 (10.4Mb) ** MediaFire
    FLV Domestic Trailer 640X272 (7.5Mb) ** MediaFire

    ** Apple QT Encodes Available HERE Including HD, no Direct Links.

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