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    James Gunn & Rainn Wilson's film "SUPER"

    Director James Gunn (Slither, Dawn of the Dead), Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) & Ellen Page have a new film coming out called Super. It screened successfully at Toronto. Not sure where it screened beyond TIFF. If anyone was fortunate enough to see the film, please share your thoughts.

    Wilson plays a guy who is driven into a life of crime fighting after his wife has an affair with a "smooth talking" drug dealer named Jaques (Kevin Bacon). From what I have watched and read, that all basically amounts to Rain Wilson's character wearing a gross red costume and hitting people on the head with a wrench. Oh, and he calls himself The Crimson Bolt. Awesome! Ellen Page is also in the film. She plays Wilson's side kick whom he meets at a comic book shop. She's called Boltie (naturally). Really looking forward to seeing this movie.

    You have to see this clip from the film. Pretty graphic, but hilarious:

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    I can't see through walls, but I can kick your ass.

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    And btw...

    AICN is running a contest that could get you a personalized voicemail by Rainn Wilson, i.e. your voice message will be Rainn Wilson speaking on your behalf. Details quoted below:

    IFC wants to do something really special with this giveaway and unlike many studio contests the filmmakers are heavily involved, too. Super seems to be a labor of love, a little movie that could and to that end we will have Gunn and Rainn Wilson personally involved (perhaps more) and a lot of prize packs to give away. There might be a few surprise judges, but as of right now James Gunn and myself will be going over the entries.

    ...Since Super is a movie about a real life superhero we’re going the tried and true way with having you funny, artistically inclined readers come up with a twisted comic.

    Top prize gets you a nice little prize pack that includes a personalized voicemail from Rainn Wilson delivered to you as an MP3. On top of that you’ll also receive a Super script autographed by damn near everybody in the world. James Gunn, Rainn Wilson, Elen Page, Nathan Fillion, Kevin Bacon, Gregg Henry, Lloyd Kaufman, Mollie Milligan, Liv Tyler, Linda Cardellini, Miranda Bailey, Ted Hope, Michael Rooker, Stephen Blackehart, Sean Gunn and Andre Royo. And there’s more! A Crimson Bolt one sheet (below) autographed by James Gunn, Ellen Page and Rainn Wilson as well as an IFC midnight DVD pack

    There’s only one first place prize that gets the Rainn Wilson voicemail, but three runners up will get the autographed script, autographed poster and IFC DVD package. Five more will be chosen for just the autographed poster and DVD package, so we have a total of 9 winners in this contest.

    This is the poster they're giving away

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