Chandra Malatitch, John Jesus Romão, Ivo Barroso,
Gonçalo Ferreira De Almeida, Miguel Loureiro, Francisco Peres, Fernando Santos, Cindy Scrash, Carloto Cotta, Jenni La Rue,
Gonçalo Mendes, Alexander David, Fernando Gomes, André Murraças.

The Film

Tonia is a large-than-life drag icon of Lisbon's night life in the late 1980s. At the peak of her career, she meets and falls in love with Rosario, a young soldier who's gone AWOL. Under pressure from Rosario, Tonia begins a series of operations to become a woman but the final step proves much harder than she could have guessed. Torn between her love for Rosario and her deeply-rooted religious convictions, Tonia looks for distraction in a trip to the countryside with Rosario. Lost along the way, the couple find themselves in an enchanted forest where everything they think they know about life and love is proven wrong. Part melodrama, part phantasmagorical fairy tale, "To Die Like a Man" is visual extravaganza.


To Die Like a Man (Strand)


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