Aaron Kwok, Lantian Chang, Zhicheng Ding, Lei Hao, Shih Chieh King, Jonathan Kos-Read, Zhen Yu Lei, Zhong Lü, John Paisley, Niu Tien, Jennifer Tilly, Deshun Wang, Tielin Zhang.

The Film

At the turn of the 20th century in China, a young man is suddenly foisted in to the center of his father’ s great banking empire and forced to assume the reigns following the demise of his fellow brothers.
His powerful father, Lord Kang, is determined to prepare mold him in to a man befitting the head of a financial empire. The father-son relationship sours over differing business ethics, but is further complicated by his love for his stepmother, his first and only love.
Embarking on a metaphysical journey, the man must decide whether to follow his father’ s path or find his own. Greed, deception, and jealousy surface under the pressures of war and tides of financial change…


Empire of Silver

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