Groundbreaking Film for its time.....Arnold got 20 mill $ for this

T2 is one of the important movies that like the Star Wars series gave the special effects a real boost forward (something that is done in every James Cameron movie it seems). And it also contained the iconic figure of the Terminator that was created in the first movie but got its status as iconic figure mainly due to this magnificent action movie that goes totaly over the top........But makes it look GOOD!

I remember watching this at the Houston Spectrum 9 theater where I was the General Manager.

It showed in THX CDS (Cinema Digital Sound) 70MM and it was amazing!!

The Spectrum 9 was the top of the line, state of the art movie theater in Houston then.

Cinemark and AMC and all those other multiplex companies didn't have the 16 and 20 and 24 and 30 screen then.

We had 9 screens, 6 of them were THX, we were the first to get Dolby Digital when Batman Returns opened.

Then when Jurassic Park was released, we were one of only 3 theaters in Houston to show Jurassic Park in DTS.

The theater had a main lobby, a downstairs floor with 4 screens and an upstairs floor with 5 screen.

Concession stands upstairs and downstairs, marble floor throughout, escalators and elevators.

A 5 levels parking garage next to the main parking lot and every Friday and Saturday and Sunday night, we were all sold out.

I remember counting a couple $100k every weekend by hand and going to the bank's night drop easily 4-5 times per night, with 2 Houston Police Officers as personal bodyguards.

Unfortunately, the place lost its charm when the 24 and 30 screens stadium seating theaters started appearing and it then closed in the late 90s where it sat vacant for a few years until it was demolished in 2001 and turned into an expensive condominium complex.