On June 12, 1981, the world saw the release of a cult classic : Raiders of the Lost Ark !!

Incredible Film!!

How did you go see this movie?

Did you know what it was about when it was released or did you go see it because you saw the trailer on TV or in the movie theater or was it word of mouth that got you into the theater?

I was 16, we went to dinner (Dad, Mom, My Brother, My Sister) and the restaurant was in the same shopping center as a 4 screen theater.

Afterward, Dad suggested we go next door to see a movie.

He told my Sister to pick and she picked The Nights The Lights Went Out In Georgia with Mark Hamill.

Well, just our luck, the box office cashier said the print didn't come in.

I was standing outside looking at the movie posters and a poster caught my eye:

It had that now familiar orange Raiders of the Lost Ark lettering logo and on top of the poster it said from Spielberg and Lucas:

No photos from the movie, no picture of Indiana Jones!!

No clues whatsoever about the content of the movie!!

Then a banner sign over it that read: Sneak Preview tonight at 8pm!

I didn't know what the movie was about; I never heard of it but I knew the name Spielberg and Lucas from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Close Encounters of the Same Kind.

So I told my parents: let's go see this!

Strange we were able to get tickets; there was no line outside!

We went in, saw the movie in a 1/2 filled auditorium.

When the movie was over, Dad said that was the best movie he ever seen.

We all enjoyed it and my sister, being 9 at the time thought Harrison was cute - LOL!

Dad kept asking me: How did you know that was going to be a good movie?

I told him, I didn't know, I just saw the name Spielberg and Lucas.

Dad subscribed to Newsweek Magazine then and the issue that he received the following week was this:


the article on the inside was titled Best Movie of the Year!!

p.s. to this day, I still haven't seen The Nights The Lights Went Out In Georgia. I wonder if it's even on DVD!!