Marc-André Grondin, Famke Janssen, Ellen Barkin, Emilie de Ravin,
Tory Kittles, Brian Geraghty, Nick Stahl, James DuMont,
Ritchie Montgomery, Lance E. Nichols, Estelle Larrivaz, Xavier Beauvois, Lindsay Soileau, Katy Peppard, Nick Chinlund, Kent Jude Bernard.

The Film

A missing teenager, mysteriously resurfacing long after his disappearance. A fractured family, welcoming him home after years of anguish. An awkward reunion, where tensions simmer beneath the surface. A loved one has returned, but something clearly is not right. One determined FBI agent senses that the boy's story does not quite fit. But if he is who he says, what is the family hiding? And if he is not, then who is he, and why is everyone playing along? As pieces of a mysterious puzzle are put together, an unveiled past will reveal deep and dark secrets.


The Chameleon
The Chameleon (fr)

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