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    Question Hong Kong's CAT 3 movies?

    I was watching Transporter and I looked up Shu Qi to see what else she has done and she started her career starring in Hong Kong's Category III movies that are usually real violent and has graphic sex.

    Hong Kong?

    I thought China's attitude toward sex and nudity are very prude and conservative!

    Anyone seen any of these movies?

    The one that stands out are Sex and Zen and Chinese Torture Chamber.

    Are all these movies of a softcore sexual nature?

    Can you get these in the USA on DVD?

    I bet if I stock these in my stores, they will fly off the shelves!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by j7wild View Post

    Can you get these in the USA on DVD?
    The only one on that list I am remotely familiar with is Jackie Chan's Crime Story. I checked Shu Qi's list at Netflix and a few of those are listed there. Otherwise I found quite a few of them listed on ebay. Typically they will be in Chinese/Mandarin with English subtitles. A couple I came across had different ratings,NC-17,R or NR (not rated).

    The main thing you would have to look at would be what region # it is.

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