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    j7wild Guest

    Angry Yahoo email and Google email auto-fill question

    My yahoo email and gmail, nowadays are made to auto fill in names from contacts!!

    so on TO: when I press B for my friend Bill, I get a whole list of people that I emailed before starting with B and the person I want is in the middle of the list!!

    when I press W for his full first name William, I get bunch of people with the letter W before I get him!!

    and the funny thing about that list of names starting with B and W that both emails are trying to autofill, 1/2 of those are not even in my contact list anymore!!

    some were people I only emailed once and for some reason yahoo email and gmail auto-remembered them!!

    I have double checked and triple checked - THEY ARE NOT SAVED in my contacts, so why is yahoo email and gmail trying to autofill them into it?

    How do you remove those names from Auto Fill when they are not deleteable in the contacts lists?!?

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    Because your address book has nothing to do with it, all Email adresses typed are saved in a separate file for Auto-complete purposes. All you need to do in most cases is either delete the Auto-Complete file and start over, but any one time recipients or wrong adresses sent to, will start getting captured again, no way around that. Best bet, most Email programs will allow you to simply "Delete" the unwanted adresses by guess what? The Delete key!!!!.
    When you start typing, names appear, and they are most likely highlighted. Press Delete and they're gone. Well at least until the next time you send this same individual another Email.

    Note: If it's a couple down from the top, use the "Down" arrow to the unwanted address to get to it.

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    j7wild Guest
    I'll try the DELETE button, thanks



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