Atsuko Okatsuka, Cory Zacharia, Rintaro Sawamoto,
Roberto 'Sanz' Sanchez, Ryan Dillon, Matthew Fling, Ivy Khan,
Lee Lynch, Kathleen Maressa, Markiss McFadden, Sean Neff,
David Nordstrom, Sarah Tadayon, Brett L. Tinnes.

The Film

A sleepy-eyed exurb of Los Angeles is seen through the eyes of two young Japanese tourists, stranded there with a broken rental car. One (Rintaro Sawamoto) wants to leave as soon as possible, but the other (Atsuko Okatsuka) finds the town not only fascinating, but perhaps a better example of what America really is than the large cities they've been travelling between. Despite the language barrier, she begins to bond with the local young people, and finds it increasingly hard to leave. The excitement of the new permeates every frame of this intimate evocation of a small town in Southern California where everyone's talking, but no one really understands.



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