One of my employee, this past Tuesday,

his 22 years old son was texting and talking on his iPhone while walking in a parking lot.

He was not paying attention to his surrounding and he walked into traffic.

A car hit him; he went airborne and landed on his head.

He had to be rushed to the hospital where he went into ICU.

He passed away last night.

So I am here to remind you that that iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone or whatever electronic gadget you carry on you is not worth your life.

I myself have seen people walking around in parking lots, right in the path of cars, distracted by their smartphone and iPods and other gadgets;

many if them were not even aware of their surrounding because they were wearing iPod headsets which blocked out all outside noises.

That text message or voice mail or ring tone or APP or iTunes song can wait!!

Your personal safety and your awareness of your surrounding come first.

Furthermore, never never never wear your iPod head set while driving;

you need both ears to hear the noises outside your vehicle such as other cars honking at you and Emergency Vehicles sirens,

and finally, keep your vehicle's stereo volume turned down.

There is no need to have it so loud where your car is shaking and reverberating and the drivers in the vehicles around you can hear it.

It's a noise ordinance violation and it's also a safety issue.

Having that car stereo real loud doesn't make you cooler or special or more handsome or more beautiful.

It just makes you look stupid!!

Be safe and stay alive!!