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    Thumbs up Kill Bill 1 and 2 and possibly 3?

    I just watched Kill Bill 1 and Kill Bill 2 back to back.

    Up to tonight, I'd never did like Kill Bill 2 and I'd always thought Kill 2 wasn't that good.

    This is my first viewing of both films in a few years and during this time, I have become older, more mature, and more movie-savvy;

    I can now really appreciate Kill Bill 2 for being a masterpiece in its own right, it's on the same level as Kill Bill 1.

    I hear Quentin wants to make a Kill Bill 3 by 2014, is that true?

    Is Vernita's daughter Nikki going to avenge her Mother's dead?

    Will B.B. come to the rescue of her Mother, the Bride?

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    I just looked under Uma Thurman's filmography at IMDB yesterday after watching Kill Bill Volume 1 again and Kill Bill Volume 3 is listed as announced.

    It would be 10 years this year (next month on April 16th) since Kill Bill Volume 2 was released theatrically.

    Also, when I wiki Kill Bill, I found this:

    The Whole Bloody Affair

    Then I found a 11 GB 720p copy of it on the net and there are many differences in it.

    It puts both films together in chronological order, adds deleted scenes, has new voice overs from The Bride's Sensei, and the fight scene at The House of Blue Leaves is in color.

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