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    Dubbed/Subtitled trailers and other non-english trailers

    Had a suggestion based on a post in the Man of Steel Trailer thread. Why not create a subsection in the Trailer News for non-english language trailers? All dubbed and subtitled trailers could go in there. For example a thread could be created for "french". All trailers that are french laguage dubbed or subtitled would be found in the thread. This will make main trailer threads a little easier to sort through I think.

    There would be an option too to begin posting more trailers from non-english films which would help the international audience for this site.
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    There is already a thread for French Trailers which I created (as an example), but it's strictly for French Language selections, not dubbed or voiced over trailers. Creating individual threads for dubbed or voiced over trailers by language is logistically impossible to manage, unless it is a single thread for all.
    If a single thread for all dubbed trailers is what you are suggesting, I don't have a problem with it, but that's up to the members to decide and I can easily start a poll for it.

    I created the French thread to give opportunity to showcase movies that otherwise would not make the forum otherwise.

    The issue with the "Man of Steel" is different, the trailers do belong in the thread, but common sense from posting members should prevail as to not "Flood" the thread with unreasonable amounts of dubbed foreign language trailers ALL AT ONCE, in a DoS attack fashion. If your viewing option is set to "Newest First", that reflects into having to go through 25 to 30 posts of the thread in order to locate a domestic encode which is of interest to the majority of members and visitors to the forum.

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    I agree that for now, dubbed and subtitled trailers should remain in the thread for that movie, along with the English ones.
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